Friday, February 26, 2010


this is one of my favorite songs, ever
and I ain't never heard it like K.D. Lang does it!!
There are many versions on YouTube, this is one .

In every stage, in every emotion, in every position, in every love and in every loss
... Hallelujah
; ) w

Crossing the Line

" When Christians draw lines between themselves and others, Jesus remains a relentless and scandalous crosser of these lines. He quietly slips to the other side. Whenever an attempt to imprison him is made he disappears from sight and appears elsewhere. Thus is lived out the paradoxical nature of Christian identity. A Christian is simultaneously a member of a community and an outsider. It is as if Jesus still prefers to be with the outcast, however wrong their beliefs or behavior, rather than with those who are self-righteously sure that only they are right. The intolerant Christian isolates himself or herself from the Christ of universal tolerance. Jesus' truth is greater than all the opinions about him put together. "

- Laurence Freeman, Jesus: The Teacher Within