Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Power of Play

I just read an article that I found encouraging: Play Power: How to Turn Around Our Creativity Crisis by Laura Seargeant Richardson

This is the crux of it, IMO:

Someday, rather than measuring memorization as an indicator of progress, we will measure our children's ability to manipulate (deconstruct and hack), morph (think flexibly and be tolerant of change), and move (think "with their hands" and play productively). Standardized aptitude tests will be replaced by our abilities to see (observe and imagine), sense (have empathy and intrinsic motivation), and stretch (think abstractly and systemically). We will advance our abilities to collaborate and create.

To reap the rewards of these abilities, we must set aside the myth that play and work are two separate things. Play should be our greatest work, as it is the biggest driver of innovation.

This quote reminded me of my niece Amy.

As soon as she learns a thing, she barely has the basics and she is already running out of the 'box' with it - building on it. I live across the country and don't see her often, but this aspect of her personality is very clear (and dear) to me.

For example: I sing a lot in daily life. There was a frog in the playground, so I was singing to Amy while playing on the swings: "I'm in love with a big blue frog, a big blue for loves me... " She'd heard the song a few times and the next time I saw her, she sang it with me, most of the words anyway... And Then she immediately started making up a new song, from her Mom's POV, about her mom's relationship with her partner: "I'm in love with a big, brown worm" with half the old words and half new words - telling me why each new part was delightfully relevant to her mom's unique, loving relationship. I was blown away: first by Amy's powers of observation and ability to 'stand in someone else's shoes.' And secondly, by her drive to start improvising; WELL Before she is done (IMO) learning the original...

Another example - I used to play 'car', and 'flying angel' and 'jumping devil' with my sister, Amy's mom, when we were little (I was 6 years older): with her riding on my knees and my feet and sailing and jumping around in the air. I have played this game with Amy a few times. And again, she is barely balanced and barely safe doing the usual 'moves' - and she is off and running: improvising new maneuvers: sideways, jumping off the side, coming on and off from the bed beside us (instead of the floor), and all kinds of unplanned, unanticipated (by me) antics. I work with her on communication and safety as best I can (I am old and broken so it challenges me, and she is only 6.5 years old and doesn't yet know She can be broken) so I try to find a happy medium that is relatively safe and relatively freedom-providing for both of us... and I am amazed: she comes up with a new thing, barely gets it (IMO) and is on to the next new thing - absolutely inspirational.

It amazes me how her play is SO original: so running for the 'edge' and right on past it into amazing creativity.

Reminds me of some of the adults I know (who also happen to be ADD-labeled) and what a joy it is to interact with them, because it is fun and because it helps me learn new 'tricks'. For example, my partner Michael loves to play with words, he is very lexy. And what I have found over the course of our relationship is that first my ability to Enjoy his word-play increased and;  secondly, my ability to play with words Myself is increasing as well.

Awesome note to self: playing with those who play well, increases my own creativity. Even old dogs can learn new tricks, as well as rediscover lost/squashed freedom and joy!

Meanwhile, I feel frustrated about the way our systems are designed to minimize movement as well as personal creativity. Many kids are not designed to sit inside, at desks, being socialized to be still and be 'good' all day. Some adults are not designed to sit at a desk, looking at a computer screen all day. Yet, for many of us, that is the drill.

How long is Amy going to keep accessing her mind-blowing creativity when she is constantly and consistently encouraged/rewarded to sit down, shut up and stay in the box most of the time? Particularly when she is actively punished, so often, when she breaks out of that box in creative self-expression, playfulness and movement of her body, as well as her mind and spirit. Honestly, I don't know how she has kept the freedom she has for so long. Bless her, unfortunately she is showing signs of wear - tightness and holding in her body, feeling like a square-peg in a round hole, acting-out. The pressures she is under from her teachers, peers and family to conform are enormous. Most everyone who cares about her is praying that she will 'get with the program' and conform; which is completely understandable given the world in which we live, but saddening.

I do what I can to support her to continually increase her internal senses, focus and self-discipline, so she can act in increasing accord with her enlightened self interest. This way she can play her own game more, and get played by the games around her less. I pray this for all the kids I love, for all of us...

Meanwhile, I am in good company to believe that the hope for playful creativity is stifled by our current social, educational, and even religious structures: every way we turn, conformity is the name of the game. Amy's creativity will continue to be undermined... AND by grace she will keep some potion of the playfulness and joy that she is, that she has.

And fortunately, each day, each of us has a chance to open, again, to the freedom that is our birthright, as well as the hope of each new generation. We adults have choices, paths ARE open to us now, even if they were closed to us in our youth. Today, let us be the play we wish to see in the world, as we can... WE can change the quality of our lives and our world. 

It is on this path that we yet again enjoy the Kingdom of God.

Monday, May 16, 2011

THIS is the work I want to be doing!

I am bursting with thrilled-ness, and want to share:

For several months now, I have been offering my services through an additional channel: subscription-based, weekly meetings with clients (in person and/or via Skype) for spiritual growth, healing, and deepening.

Depending on each person's needs in general and that week in specific, we play together for about an hour doing some combination of:
- spiritual direction and counseling,
- guided meditation and healing,
- psychic development (opening to soul-senses / spiritual abilities and gifts),
- and shared reading: each of us receiving spiritual information around their current choices and challenges.

My clients that have chosen to devote themselves to this path are really getting A LOT out of it. Each one of them has significantly quickened their inner pace of healing, growth, seniority, and spiritual deepening; and are receiving the fruit of this in their outer lives, as well. In only a couple months of working with each of them, they are doing these kinds of things in our sessions, and increasingly in their lives:
- seeing their unique Way for themselves;
- talking with Jesus, as well as Angels and other spiritual guides, about their choices and challenges: to help get a spiritual perspective;
- communicating with their bodies and coming into a more comfortable balance in their physical lives;
- allowing deep healing of their 'inner child', 'core issues', 'shadow', family relationships...
- learning to be in charge of their personal space and physical creations - co-creating with God;
- releasing darkness, heaviness and stumbling-blocks: allowing Light;
- allowing themselves to just BE here Now, more comfortably...

Yeah, yeah, this is great for Them, but I am writing to say:
This is Tremendously exciting and Fulfilling for ME:
THIS is the work I want to be doing,
with people who WANT to be play with!!!

These Weekly Learning and Practice sessions:
- combine the intimacy and transformation of Personal Prayer and Healing Sessions,
- with the highly-fulfilling 'teach a person to fish' of the Meditation/Healing/Seer Training Sessions,
- then add the ongoing support and practice that helps to make this new, spiritually-focused 'way of Being' habituate and integrate...

I am able to encourage their spiritual deepening and healing path to become a natural and central way of life for them.
It is such a blessing For ME to be able to play with people in this holy work!
This is the Real, Life-Changing, Intense kind of Dance that I am made for (I am like a pig in mud ; )

Anyway, I just ended a session, and I am feeling so grateful!! I am impressed, especially, with this particular client's courage and willingness to face herself, to change her mind, to manage her emotions, to choose her trajectory, to shift her foundations, to DO HER WORK - it is inspiring to behold, and I am HONORED to be part of her dance with God!

God is SO good!!
Thanks for reading my joy and self-validation, around finding this channel of service that works so well for me...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Spiritual Safety is a Choice

Responding to a question about About Spiritual Attack:

From my perspective, being in alignment with the needs of my body, with my self as spirit and with God: is a Spiritual Choice. I support and build 'muscle' around this choice with beneficial spiritual tools and I build 'muscle' by attention and practice. I handle attack from outside energies which are 'not in alignment with God' regularly and assist others to do so as well.

Preferably I work with folks on tools and practices to choose what affects them and what energies are allowed in their own personal space. There are Many 'hooks' that allow outside energies in: beliefs, emotions, habits... If I leave the door to my house open regularly, I am more likely to get robbed, it is like that...

Unfortunately, many of our religious and spiritual traditions don't give us the tools and a beneficial place to stand when the storm comes.

The real protection is to Know my space is my own, as a gift from God as part of my spiritual birthright, to allow in the energies that serve me, and choose to let go of the energies that don't serve me. To Believe spiritually that my life is mine to spiritually co-create, and have the Faith to ask God and Jesus and Angels for assistance.

Most of us don't operate from this spiritual perspective all the time, and are hampered by our physical focus, thoughts, ethics, emotions, etc. In that case, a human spiritual guide is very helpful and meditation tools and practices are vital. In my tradition we utilize many practices for protection and safety, such as grounding, centering, body of glass (energetically inviting non-attachment and non-resistance) etc... WAY too much to write in this little box.

BOTTOM LINE - we are spirit a part of God. We co-create our challenging experiences as well as our enjoyable ones. Consciously creating with God is the way to change our creations around our bodies and our lives. Until one is masterful in acting as spirit, spiritual practices assist us to go in our desired direction.

There is no magic bullet around this. But, if I could find one relatively simple thing to do that works for many folks, I say, try a practice that we call 'Matching'. Allowing ourselves to spiritually learn from Jesus, and asking for his assistance can work well for some. Just like children, we spiritually learn through monkey-see-monkey-do.  So, notice that Jesus is near you, ask him to assist in general and specifically around spiritual freedom and safety, ask him to assist to resonate as he does... intend to harmonize with him (this is spiritual application of the musical/physics truth of sympathetic resonance) and ask Jesus to assist you to make this so. Allow yourself to match his energy system... Of course, ask for God's help and for God to send angels as well...

In this practice we are consciously saying: YES, I want to be like Jesus.  As Hebrews exhorts, we choose to play this game:
fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith

That's a very short answer, from my experience...


A friend responded:
Its funny u bring up this topic of spiritual attack--i was having a discussion yesterday with someone about "the evil eye"--and while its an old wives tale so to speak i can see some credence to it, like people out there looking upon you in bad ways that could send some negative energy your way that you would have to deal with

I said:

In my experience,
There is non-beneficial energy that comes at us.
We can allow it to hurt us, When we believe in its power over us. When we are full of 'hooks': resistance, hate, fear, victim-pictures, etc ad nauseum...
Or we can be high-energy, and clear, and grounded, and spiritually senior and amused at all the drama: and allow it to pass right on through.
Either way, it is our personal spiritual choice. We Can be Free, Safe and living in Ease and Power that is our birthright! ...or not ; )

A friend responded:
yes that i know-- i was wondering more on energy that was coming at you that you were not aware of-- like i post i am getting something and how happy i am and then next thing i know i am not getting it anymore------ can someone cause that or is that just a stretch?

I said:

From my perspective it doesn't matter a lot if I am conscious about what THEY are doing, or not: it only matters that I allow shift.

That is one of the values of practice and clearing in meditation: so in everyday life, when the 'sh*t hits the fan', spiritually I can clear and be in charge - instead of dancing to someone else's 'tune'.

'can someone cause that'?
Yes, absolutely; and ultimately I am at cause for it, or not. Do THEY get to call the tune in my space, or do I?

If I get full of mud, maybe someone threw it at me, or maybe I fell in my own mud-puddle; but the real question is: do I choose to take a shower or not? And, do I choose to avoid the mud-puddle and possibly the habitual-mud-thrower the next time I walk down that street, or not? There are no right answers here: but lots of learning opportunities ; )

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Delicious Invitation

Subtle degrees
of domination and servitude
are what you know as love.

...but Love is different;
It arrives complete
just there
like the moon in the window.

like the sun
of neither east nor west
nor of anyplace.
when that Sun arrives
east and west arrive.

desire only that
of which you have no hope
seek only that
of which you have no clue.
Love is the sea of not-being
and there, intellect drowns.

this is not the Oxus River
or some little creek.
this is the shoreless sea.
here, swimming ends always in drowning.

a journey to the sea
is horses and fodder and contrivance
but at land’s end
the footsteps vanish.

you lift up your robe
so as not to wet the hem;
come! drown in this sea
a thousand times!

the moon passes over
the ocean of non-being.
droplets of spray tear loose
and fall back on the cresting waves.

a million galaxies
are a little scum
on this shoreless sea.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Open to Spirit, Receive the Desires of your Heart

Delight yourself in the LORD
and he will give you the desires of your heart.
- Psalm 37:4

I woke up this morning with this scripture on my mind.  In it, I hear:
  • Delighting in God for me is consciously opening to the yumminess, wholeness, connection with All That Is, the Beloved, God.
  • This delight is always available and showering upon each of us.
  • I can walk around with a golf umbrella and pea coat and galoshes and resist it, eschew it OR I can ask God to help me strip-off all that armor and ALLOW myself to receive, to be filled and fulfilled in this deep, spiritual relationship and energetic wholeness.
This place of delightful connection with Holy Spirit IS the place where ALL the desires of my heart are met.  The one cannot be separated from the other.  And that is IT - this is way more than enough.

But wait - there's more! : )
Meanwhile... when my needs are fulfilled within, I BE differently, I AM different. When I allow God to fill me with all God's fruit within, I resonate with a new way of being and I attract, magnetize a new life of flow around me, as well.

Striving, effort, and trying to make things happen in the outside world is counter-productive. But fortunately when co-creating with God from the inside out: I can let go of grasping, because my need is already met. And from this place, really only from this place of Already Wholeness in God, I can ALLOW God to give me the desires of my heart, on the outside, as well.

I have found this is a process that is very exciting adventure, with no end... with many gifts, as well as many challenges

; ) wendy