Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the Healing Power of non-Judgment

Someone posted on a Christian Seer & Healer Site:
"Celestial justice". Anyone out there believe that if someone is nasty to others all of the time that after a while, the universe will drop something nasty on their heads and will keep doing so until they learn their lesson?

I responded:
I think the general rule is: we reap what we sow.
Fortunately Mercy and Grace mitigate some of that, or most all of us would be in pretty sorry shape.

'Ye heard that it was said: Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and shalt hate thine enemy; but I -- I say to you, Love your enemies, bless those cursing you, do good to those hating you, and pray for those accusing you falsely, and persecuting you, that ye may be sons of your Father in the heavens, because His sun He doth cause to rise on evil and good, and He doth send rain on righteous and unrighteous.
- Jesus in Matthew 5:43-45

Since we all have evil within us, and we all act un-righteously, it occurs to me as fortunate that God gives us all what we need, even when we are unjust and seemingly undeserving.


My experience in general, and what I have noticed on a spiritual level:

1) people who do terrible things on the outside are usually pretty messed-up on the inside Already, and when people do bad stuff, it just makes things worse on the inside.

2) the best thing i can do for the mean-people is love and care-for them as best i can - and if there is any possibility, assist them to open to healing and Light.

3) the more i am tempted to stand in judgment, the more I point my finger outside at others - the more I am led back to look into Myself about the issues I am judging so harshly. (as the saying goes, whenever I am pointing my finger out, there are always 3 fingers pointing back at me... gotta hate that! : )

Am I secretly like Them in some way, in some way that is currently unconscious to me? DO I want to be like them in some way, but I don't let myself?
Or is there something about their 'wrongdoing' that I am unhealed about - so I am hypersensitive? Someone hurt me in a similar way in the past, and now I want them ALL to PAY?

When I am hooked on Their sins, Their not-doing-it-right, there is Always something for ME to allow to be healed and made whole. Otherwise, I would, as Jesus does, love them and heal them if they can have it, and invite them to go and sin no more- i.e. open to living in more alignment with God.

4) I am not saying this is always easy or natural or the default response. But, in all these things, it is becoming easier and easier for me to stand in compassion for others (and myself) because the more I heal, the more I let God fill me with Light, the more I face and own my OWN Shadow...
the more I find all the evil that I happily believe is Out There;
I find the evil In Here... in my own space.

And the more I allow God to shine Light and Mercy and Grace into my Own Shadow, the more I Let Go and Let God about even this DARKNESS within ME -
I become more peaceful with the evil and shortcomings Out There,
and miraculously the evil and shortcomings Out There have More ROOM (they are invited to change) and Sometimes they DO shift!

Bottom line:
there is Real Power in Compassion;
and when I face my self, open to the Light and allow God to Heal me, I am also opening up an invitation, a healing-space for those around me to Heal and to Open to the Light!


The essence of my ministry is to assist us to allow God to open our spiritual ears, and spiritual eyes - to communicate with and know God, directly - to be Seers.  I am called as a Healer, it is the essence of my path, and I believe we are all called to be healers on some level. 

I believe it is essential, absolutely fundamental, as Christians, as those with Soul-Senses, and as Healers:

1) for us to allow healing for ourselves, if we want to be a healing influence in the world; we must allow ourselves to operate from a spiritual perspective, rather than a physically-focused perspective: particularly allowing ourselves to be healed of judgment and seriousness.

2) because, the more we See (hear, know, etc) spiritually - the more there is for us to get Hooked on - there is a LOT of challenging crap happening in the world. It is detrimental to US to be viewing it all from a physical perspective, which is the perspective of judgment.

3) AND it is hard enough for someone to come to us for assistance and healing, believing that we See their shortcomings and secret sins, etc. People Already live in SO Much Self-Judgment and Invalidation - it is crushing for them, for all of us!

If I cannot see and relate to people (more and more over time) from a spiritual perspective, without judging and resisting them and having my Own agenda for their improvement, then I am offering them anti-healing: I am not serving them and I am not serving God.

Again: I believe if I am judging them, I am doing the opposite of serving them and serving God.

These are some of my perspectives and experiences around judgment, all of which I feel very strongly about. YMMV.

Thank you for the conversation.
best, wendy