Sunday, April 26, 2015

Let's stop worshiping the Bible, and instead worship God!

The bible is not meant to be the Final Word.
The bible is not the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Light, the Love of God.

The bible shows us, over and over, folks who walked with God, who heard from God, who followed God.  And calls us to do the same!
The bible encourages the people of God to have a real-time relationship, with the Living God!
The bible is a finger pointing at the moon - it isn't About the Finger, it is ALL about the Moon!

God did not get laryngitis 2,000 years ago.
IMO, if we want answers, fellowship, healing, filling, leading - we Must go to our SOURCE.

I agree with Marcus Borg (whom I greatly respect, but who sadly misses the whole picture, now and then, IMO)
when he says "When there is a conflict between Jesus and the Bible, Jesus trumps the Bible."

But this is what I mean by that: GO TO JESUS - right here, right now. NOT the bible, Jesus.

Jesus will show us the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Light, the Love of God - as he has done for those who open to him, for over 2,000 years.

Christianity has fallen down horribly and constantly, by focusing on intellectualizing about the bible. By focusing on doctrine and thought-beliefs - as if that were some kind of spiritual practice.
As if the bible could give us answers, fellowship, healing, filling, leading...

The Bible Can Not Do This...
only God can do this!

I pray, that instead of worshiping the bible, fighting about the bible, wasting time and energy focusing on the bible...
Instead that Christians will begin to do for ourselves (and for All) what is most important:

To Actually Open to Communication and Blessings, to the ONEness-with and Leading-of the Living God, with Jesus, with Spirit.
This is what set the world on fire in biblical times, and that is what does it every time!

WE want GOD!
People want GOD!

Let's set the table and enjoy the presence of God, on our own, and with All!
Let's be disciples of Jesus, not disciples of the bible. Let's follow Jesus, right HERE, right NOW, WHEREVER we are explicitly led - this is World Changing!
Let's enjoy the fruit of the Spirit, the Gifts of the Spirit, the Comforting of the Spirit - in All ways, alone and with All people!

If you don't know how, then find out.
If you do know how, then let's DO IT!

From my perspective, this is what the bible tells us to do.
So let's just do it: focus on the Moon, not the finger pointing.

Let's stop worshiping the Bible, and instead worship God!

in life, w

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Neutrality: spiritually focused, in this physical world

This is what I mean by Neutrality:
it is (a Practice, a way of BEing, a Blessing of)
being in the world but not of the world.

Neutrality is not being carried-away-by our own (or others) survival instincts, emotions, sexual impulses, controlling tendencies, thoughts, expectations, judgments, ego… 
SO, Neutrality is about Not being run-by the body/flesh and it’s agenda.
Rather, it is being spiritually focused, in this physical world.

Neutrality makes it easier to Be:
  • in the present, 
  • in present-time, 
  • in experience of God and spiritual reality;
  • staying-with the challenges, the intensity of bodies and life.
Neutrality opens the door to letting go of attachment and resistance, as well as the “buttons” in our system that have us re-act instead of act.

I believe one of the essential distinctions that can help us understand ourselves, each other, the world, the bible, the message of Jesus, and the leading of God for each of us…
is the difference between Body/Physical and Spirit.
Although Paul spoke of this a lot, as did Jesus, generally, it is not an essential part of our Christian mindset or our spiritual practice.

For most folks that I know, the practice of Neutrality is the beginning of experiencing / distinguishing beyond the cacophony of the physical/body - senses, thoughts, expectations, actions...
As opposed to the experience of spiritual reality - soul senses, mystical experiences, divine leading, spiritual shift.

Neutrality is Completely not Apathy - far from it.
It is the beginning of getting our free-will back, and from this place our ability to choose to follow God begins.  
Before this, we are tugged all over by all the stuff I listed above, and much more!

Neutrality is a safe place for active soul-opening, a whole new WORLD of spiritual Amazing-ness:
  • the Fruit of the spirit that Paul lists is just the beginning of our blessings.
  • the Adventure of communing with God and being led by God, makes the excitement of this world pale in comparison.
  • the enjoyment of Life, Abundantly! that Jesus promised us is here for the taking.

Neutrality is not Apathy

because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I am about to vomit thee out of my mouth
So, is Neutrality being lukewarm?
I hope you can see that they are SO not the same, in my language.

When I read the Message to Laodicea, in Revelation 3, what I hear is a church that is lost in physical-focus, pretending to be spiritual, but not:
‘Because you say, “I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing,” and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked
IMO, this is a physical vs spiritual sentence.

From my perspective,
from physical focus - for many, life does get hard, too short AND too long, boring…we can get ground-down:
“life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone”
“life sucks and then you die”

But, spiritual life, being ALIVE, walking with Jesus, in alignment with God, with spiritual focus…
Operating in the Kingdom of Heaven /  the Reign of God
is ANYTHING but boring… one gets nowhere near lukewarm - tepid.
(And to get here, I believe Neutrality is KEY.)

Each week I watch dozens of folks play the spiritual game;
Over time, I have watched hundreds of folks do it.
It is an EXCITING way to live!
(if anything, a bit too exciting at times ;)

I hope this helps understanding about what I mean by Neutrality.

And that there is spiritual passion which is different from physical passion
BOTH ARE GREAT - But, which do we chose to follow?

From my perspective,
we can savor life IN the body/world,
but not OF the body/world,
with Neutrality as our practice.

Thanks for reading
; ) Wendy

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We can't pin-down the Way, any more than we can pin-down Love, Truth, Life...

Ethics, Ideals are not the Way.
No good thing is the Way.
Not friendship, honor, sacrifice…

Sometimes we are called to let-down, fall-short, betray; and some times we are called to die for our friend.
Jesus let his friends down at the very moment he was laying down his life for them - penultimately.

Our unique leading in God is our ultimate Way - not physically-driven, theory-laden, feeling-good: doing-right, loving, etc
But in this process, we must be willing to go of our attachment to or resistance to left or right, to doing ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in our own or other’s cultural estimation
This seems backward, crazy, and scary, and it IS the Way.

A whole lot started with Abraham, so let’s start with him.
Abram was called out from his family, his home, his tradition, his life…
Did his family, his tradition appreciate this, did Abram appreciate this - probably not…
And we see he followed this call slowly, jerkily - most of us do the same, if we follow at all.

Following God is not about following rules, or complying with physically-perceived good, rather it is about following God. Period.

A more extreme example:
Abraham was called to sacrifice his son, not just a person, not just his child, not just his long-awaited son - but the repesentation-of and container-for All Abraham’s dreams and the perceived channel for All God’s promises to Abraham.
Abraham was called to sacrifice Everything, far far more than it would have been to sacrifice himself.
And he did it - well, he was willing and acting - it totally counts, from my perspective.

Abraham is the Father of 3 great religions, all the dominating religious paradigms of the West.
Abraham was Hard Core. 
Who among us would do such a thing?  To follow God’s leading right against the tide of all that seems Good, all God’s Blessings… Letting Go.

The bible stories tell us this same story over and over and over.
Then there is the obvious - Jesus.

Jesus tells his disciples, I am going to Jerusalem to suffer and die, and Peter says - oh no you are not; and Jesus says - get behind me Satan.
We can all relate to Peter here, even Jesus can relate to Peter.  I believe this is why Jesus replies so strongly against this temptation dangled by Peter.  Peter is not just physically-focused and therefore missing the mark, sinning; he is trying to block God’s will in the world, diverting Jesus from his unique calling. But, Jesus is not swayed, he will follow his Father right into the jaws of torture, death, hell.

Jesus was Hard Core.
Who among us would do such a thing?  To follow God’s leading right against the tide of all that seems Good, all God’s Blessings… Letting Go.

I was tempted to say Jesus was the end of the story, but no, he is just the end of an age, and the beginning of our age.
In our age we have so much permission to inhabit the Kingdom of Heaven, the Reign of God, Christ Consciousness, spiritual reality…
We have so much modeling about what it is to follow God, to build our lives on the Rock of Divine Revelation, spiritual senses…
So much freedom to choose spiritual-focus or physical-focus, Grace or Law, Spirit or Flesh. 
We have the bible and so many ‘witnesses’, we have tradition and ritual, we have the leading of the Holy Spirit.

But, we also have a Lot of Resistance, a lot of Push-back, a lot of Powers of this world adding friction to our path...
We have a lot of excuses and justifications and alternate accommodations to support us in not to follow God’s leading of us through the Light and the Darkness.
Because that is where we will inevitably go:
Jesus says: If you will be my disciple, pick up your cross and follow.

Being a disciple of Jesus is no walk in the park. 
We are called to be Hard Core.
Who among us would do such a thing?  To follow God’s leading right against the tide of all that seems Good, all God’s Blessings… Letting Go.

But, that is not the whole story, it is still not done.
The point of this post is - we cannot do any of these things willy nilly.
We can't pin-down the Way, any more than we can pin-down Love, Life, Truth.
The best and highest good in our thoughts and actions - in our minds, in our culture, in our religion - are not enough, not nearly enough!

We cannot just die whenever we feel like it, just let go and Give Up; because sometimes we are called to live, to fight for life - for our own and others.
Sometimes we are called to lead. and other times to follow.
Sometimes we are called to be empowered, to shine our Light and shift our world; and other times to have humility, to accept, submit and quietly wait in our prayer closet until…
Sometimes we are called to be playful and open, receptive, trusting as children, gentle as doves; and other times wise as serpents, acting strategically.

Ecclesiastes pointed out there is a time for all things, but in Following God it is not a structured thing - like accommodating ourselves to the earthly seasons.  It is a spiritual thing - accommodating ourselves to God’s step by step leading.
This is the narrow way - the narrowest of ways!
Way, way, way beyond any moralizing, ethics, ideals - beyond any external obedience, even of the strictest order.

We are not just called to die, or to live what we think love is, or to follow any rule we may devise.
Laws, rules, systems are Not the Way
We follow a Living God - up and down, all the way, and all around.

There is no structured, outside-us, formalized, idealized way to do it.
As much as we wish this were so, act like this is so, are told by ministers and moralizers that it is so - but, it is just not so.

Therefore, we cannot just Give Up, die, submit, obey outside authorities, we cannot coast in any trajectory, inertia ruling us. 
We cannot do something just because something is a Good Idea, or it looks like service or like love, or we think the bible says it, or it is our personal ethics, or even because God led us that way yesterday…
Because each day anew - TODAY, if you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.

Rules are for children, and we are called to be adults - and to follow the Father, as Jesus did, every moment.
In this Way we will go where we never imagined.
We will experience highs and lows, we will expand and contract, we will let go and we will fight, we will die and we will rise.
To paraphrase Paul: we will learn to be in Joy with both little and much, with seeming success and seeming failure, with social derision and general acclaim…

We die to All our own and other people’s ethics, trajectories, hopes, dreams, visions, beliefs, expectations, ideals.
And we do it daily.
Who among us would do such a thing?  To follow God’s leading right against the tide of all that seems Good, all God’s Blessings… Letting Go.

We will.
We will rise to Life, Abundant.
We will choose to live in Alignment with our Source - our God, our Truth, our Light, our Love, our Life, our Way.
So, let’s do it Now.

Blessings in your Unique Journey, Wendy

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Is Love the Way to Live?

I am ALL for Love of God and others, unequivocally, as the practice of followers of Jesus.
And, I think that is Just the Beginning of the practice of following Jesus.

From my perspective, Love is where we Start, as spiritual children.
And from there, we learn to follow where God leads us, hear the voice behind us saying: this is the way, walk ye in it; see God moving in the world and we move too...
As disciples of Jesus, we learn to follow the Father in each step, as Jesus did.

The early church, as we do, had lots of churning about this.
Grace great! Love, great! Leading of Spirit, great!
...but what about the Law?  How do we Live?

Well, they pretty much decided to chuck the law, almost completely (see Acts 15).
But then in Practice, they kept running into real-life expectations, social norms, general human drama - predictably - and things got muddy.
Even the Pauline letters, which were constantly ringing the bell that we are beyond sin and no longer under law, have been known to throw some lists of do's and don't's around - just to try to get things in line.

What went awry?
Well, from my perspective Paul himself tells us - Rules are for Children.
It is spiritual Adults who have the spiritual ears and the spiritual muscle to Perceive the individual leading of God, and Do it.
Spiritual adults can have spiritual perspective and can generally follow spiritual leading.

But, before that, the body/flesh physical perspective tends to hold sway. Because that is how the world operates.
Therefore, spiritual kids still need the general guidelines - which boil down to:
Love God with all you got
Love your neighbor as yourself.
My point though is - figuring out what is and what isn't sin, is really not our calling. This is for spiritual beginners - think kindergarten.
Our calling is to Grow Up in God: Deepen spiritually, open to our soul senses, practice following (as we practiced learning to walk, by falling down ; ) ...
so we can be led in our own unique Way - our ministry to the world - as Jesus was.

Sometimes, when we see the bigger picture, when we start playing the bigger game, we get new perspective on the old challenges.
From my perspective, as many say - Love people, and trust Jesus to lead them where they need to go.
Meanwhile, let's each of us say hello, ourselves, to Jesus, and deepen our real-time soul-relationship with Jesus, today. Let's let him spiritually lead us, uniquely in each step, now.

Thanks for reading,

Monday, December 22, 2014

Joseph Campbell--The Mythic Symbology of Release

You want to be my disciple, pick up your cross and follow me.
- Jesus
I die daily.
- Paul

I believe Joseph Campbell illuminates these words, which are central to being a disciple of Jesus.

In my world, Joseph Campbell, gets even more wise, the farther I go in my own walk.
Here is a great 4 minutes from him: Joseph Campbell--The Mythic Symbology of Release
And I typed about half of it out, becasue it is awesome, and I didn't see it anywhere on the net:

You don't have to be quit of your bondage in order to expereince the release, the two go together.
In an individual's life, oh this is really a great mystical expereince.
That he no longer identifies himself with the history of his carnal body, but with the consciousness that informs that body.
And when you are identified with the consciousness rather than with the vehicle, the bondage of the vehicle has nothing to do with the bondage of the consciousness.
You see what I mean?
You are free in bondage.
Mythologically, the shackles fall without leaving your wrists. the world, in the field of bondage, the eternal power plays.
And so you have this... joyful participation in the sorrows of the world.
You can't eliminate the sorrows of the world, time involves sorrow.
And if you are in the field of time, that is the expereince of your carnal body.
But that which is participating in this has another dimension, the eternal dimension, and it can joyfully affirm this.

...Eternity participates voluntarily in the processes of time - which are sorrow and death.
So he (Jesus) comes to the cross  - which is the cross of life and time, voluntarily.
And, when you get that affirmative aspect, you've got a sense of the Christianity which is heroic.

... Christ triumphant, with his eyes open, voluntarily, on the cross.
And that is where we all are.
And, when you can identify yourself with that myth, you are released...
When the ego is capable of that participation in the crucifixion, then you are in ... the imitation of Christ.
And I would say, you have achieved the goal of the Christian message.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Miracles of Surprise Sithole: Belief and DESIRE!

This blog is regarding the text and video of an inspiring blog post:
The Miracles of Surprise Sithole
I suggest reading and watching and having your own expereince, before reading mine
(but, I am not in charge, you are ; )
After I read the text, this is literally, what I had to say:
(but please don't get stopped here, becasue the Magic happened when I watched the video ; )

Sithole has a beautiful testimony.
(I am not saying that this testimony is true, becasue IDK, but I do know it could be true. And hopefully is ; )

The whole time I was reading the Sithole article, I was basically thinking, what he beautifully says near the end:

belief in miracles is not optional for a Christian:
“If you are a true believer, you have to believe in miracles.”

In his book he discusses “why so many miracles occur in Africa while
they seem to be so rare in America and Europe”.
His answer is that
Africans have “simple faith”, while Western people “question everything..."
Systematic Theology about Miracles is like Dancing about Architecture (this occurs as nuts to me, with all respect ; )

Intellectualizing/ Rationalizing/ Pigeonholing is Most of the Reason we don't expereince the small miracles around us, every minute; and why we block big miracles from happening, at all. IMHO.
We block the power and glory and light and love and truth of God.
BUT THEN, I watched the video with Sithole
And then I wrote:
WOW what a Huge Blessing to expereince his energy.
NOW I can say, from my perspective, this guy is for real ; )

I expected to find him with a lot of Certainty/Faith - and I did - the energy of his Belief is strong.

But, I found a wonderful Surprise
- even stronger than his Belief is something else, very dominant in his BEing.
He is Hungry, very hungry.
And where he is in the world, there is a lot of food for his hunger.

This is what I see:
As he eats, he grows larger and can eat more, and grows larger.
At first this picture was, as if he was a snake doing this.
Then the picture changed to a whale - back and forth, back and forth in a rich feeding-ground.

Finally, I realized what I was seeing was :
this hunger was desire, and fulfillment of desire, and then growing desire. 
But, it wasn't in the unhealthy way that one can see often in our general culture...

And here is the Gift - I am not aware that I have seen such beautiful, pure, holy Desire.
  • Usually I see Desire for crap - for money, for stuff, for security, for power, for prestige, for attention, for validation, for lovers - on and on.
  • Mostly I see Desire for the things of this world - which pass away, and which do not really Satisfy us,  and which can easily distract us from our Delicious BEIng IN God, our Glorious Path IN God.
I had to look and look, what is it that Sithole Desires?
It wasn't a common thing that I ever really saw before, like this, in anyone.
What I finally found was, he desires Hope and Light.

He Desires for Hope and Light to Grow,
and he goes around where there is a lot of Hopelessness and Despair and Darkness
- so much that it is a good feeding ground -
and he eats it up, and leaves trails of Hope and Light
- like paths through the jungle, like trails to water in the desert.
And this feeds him, he grows, and he keeps on eating more.
He doesn't stop.

That is what I notice, YMMV

My teacher would say, we create...
(most Christians would more comfortably say, we co-create with God - for me: same, same)
We create through Belief and Desire.

That IS what this guy is doing, it is an inspiration to learn from him energetically/spiritually. 
I have had issue with Desire, becasue I don't much-Desire the things of this world
(I do Some, I AM human ; )
But, relatively, I don't Desire very much the things of this world.
This has been challenging for me, becasue it has affected my ability to create.

It helps me A LOT to see someone Desiring in a holy way - in a way I can relate to.
Learning from him energetically, I can access more of what *I* am passionate about:
loving and serving God, loving and serving people,
INviting Healing, Light, Love, Truth, Life, Hope, Way INTO the WORLD, in REAL ways.

I just don't care Enough about money and things, 
I don't care Enough about prestige and success in the world's terms;
I have been unable to utilize these desires as a big enough lever to really matter.

But I do Desire to Heal up from the crap,
to Grow Fully into who I AM,
and to come to Fruition
- and to share, to shine God's Gifts in the world, in my unique way.
THIS IS a big enough lever!

Right this minute, I am integrating more about Desire than I ever have.
I saw Desire as a bad thing, for most of my life.
Then I learned that, without attachment, it as a very useful thing,
but I never felt like I had enough.

But I DO have enough Desire, it is just different than expected!

I felt a little broken in this area of Desire.
But really, how I am is just right - this is a Huge, Blessing for me.
- it is a GIFT to Desire God and Life in God, and Being Blessing in the world.

The Seed of Desire for BEing these Blessings in the world
is much more awakened by Sithole's spiritual modeling, I can feel it growing.
I can feel the holy hunger drawing me forward more than I ever had before, as I saw him being drawn.

I am grateful, I will continue to energetically learn from him.
in life! Wendy

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Want some protection from Religious Fascists, especially the ones that live inside your own head?

A question from K:
Though it's Jesus words themselves that terrify me the most. His parable of the sheep and the goats is a case in point because there will be always someone we miss or don't want to help or can't help... I'd love your take on that as a pastor...

My answer:
Hi K, I appreciate your sharing.

I would tend to say that Jesus helped/helps us experience that God is real, and accessible to us.

I think it is important to note WHO Jesus is speaking to, when reading scripture:

  • is he speaking to regular folks, seeking God - then he is often encouraging, think Woman caught in Adultery - > Go forth now, and stay on track ; )
  • or is he speaking to Religious Fascists - any folks who block those seeking God or turn our attention to anything else besides God and who/how God is calling us (idolotry) - then Jesus is often kicking *ss, think Money Changers -> how dare you treat my Father's house like a den of robbers!

Very different energy.
So when i read the Parable of the sheep/goats, the end of Matthew 25.

I am getting the distinct impression that Jesus is speaking toward the Religious Fascists, those who think they are SET:

  • follow the Law, and you win.
  • believe the right things, and you win.
He is saying, NO - BE love with your neighbor, that is the important thing - treat everyone you meet as if they are ME.
This is a Very Different way of being a follower of Jesus in the world - and it is a completely relevant today, as it was then, IMO.

And IMO/E it isn't about doing it PERFECTLY, it is about attitude of heart.
Jesus argued for many laws that were IMPOSSIBLE to keep.
(These are the first conversations he had, in the first book of the New Testament - oh, you want to keep the law, well, then, here we go... See second 1/2 of Matthew 5 )


The LAW is Not the WAY.
The Way, rather, is Righteousness - listening to, believing, and following God - BEING in Right relationship with God - in alignment with and filled with, and following our Source.

The LAW is not the way, and it never was - as Paul said, laws are for children.
We are called to mature spiritually, following God in every step.
This is the way, walk ye in it.

Do we fall down? Of course!
We just have to keep getting up, and going on.

Children learn to walk by falling down - A LOT!

Jesus said we MUST become like Children if we are to expereince what he said was most important: spiritual reality: the Reign/Kingdom of God.
Jesus is for, not against that...

Those are some thoughts, K - I hope something here is helpful.

Jesus did not come to bring fear, but rather freedom IN God.
I hope you are enjoying your freedom more and more each day.

BTW - I am not a Pastor (thank God!!!! thank God!!!! thank God!!!!)
I have a ministry, supporting people to mature spiritually; continually opening ears to hear and eyes to see the reality of spirit, and follow God's unique leading for us, in our world.

Lastly - Jesus is reminding me to talk about this scripture, because in it Jesus is talking TO a sweet person who wants God, about the bratty people who block the way to God
(this is the best kick the religious facist's *ss chapter ; )

There is so much to learn here about what following Jesus Absolutely does not look-like - note the first paragraph of Matthew 23.

This is my perspective, YMMV,
Best to you, Wendy


Rock Your World with Master Jesus!

A few weeks ago, I got a call to a new focus in my ministry.
And then soon after, I had an opportunity to share this focus on a 1/2 hour radio show;
on a network that is spiritual, not Christian:

Rock Your World with Master Jesus!
Jesus Rocked his world, 2,000 years ago;
he ushered in a whole new vibration and a new paradigm of Divine Connection.

Jesus WAS Light, Way, Truth, Life in his world,
and he calls US to Do the Same…in our own way.

Let's tune into Jesus spiritually: receive his wisdom and insights for us, and most importantly his spiritual frequency -
So we can ROCK our life, and our world, today!  LISTEN

My calling is to speak with ALL about Jesus, not just Christians, and to do it BOLDLY from my own perspective and expereince.  May we all do the same!

Blessed Thanksgiving!

PS - If you are in alignment with this message, I have a new online series coming up - please join my e-newsletter to receive details.  First session is:
Align with your Source, with Master Jesus: Let the Light IN (Online Meditation Workshop)
In early January starts:
Ears to Hear, Eyes to See:  Soul Tools with Master Jesus (Online Meditation Class).

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Lie of Success vs. the Truth of a Life Fulfilled

We can never be rich enough, powerful enough, beautiful enough
to make us feel happy and safe, to believe we are good enough...

The way we are programmed around success in this culture is a Lie.
If we 'buy' all the information around what success IS and how we should go about it, we are unlikely to end up happy, fulfilled.
If we actually get anywhere near the goals this world set for us, we find out we have squandered our lives for fool's gold. 

The way to be happy,
to be truly successful,
to make a true difference in our world...
is not to follow the herd, not to play small (or to ACT big),
and certainly not to try to operate under all the lies we are told about who we are, what we should do & have, and how we should look, act & be.

The world doesn't need anymore widgets, any more cookie-cutter people.
The world needs YOU.
This is why you are here!
If you don't do what you are here to do, NO ONE CAN.

The secret to living fulfilled lives is to actually:
  • BE unique ourselves.
  • DO our unique calling/path/expression of us.
  • Shine our unique Light.

Sure fine, But HOW?

One of many ways to answer this:
Jesus outlined a relatively straightforward process:
If we want to be well-fed, well-dresses, well-taken-care-of... successful adults, then we:
seek ye first the reign of God and His righteousness, and all these shall be added to you.
- Matthew 6:33

Seek first the Kingdom (Reign) of Heaven = seek spiritual reality and operate from soul information, not from physical focus, pulls of the body/flesh and worldly rules, programming, expectations, and limits.

and God's Righteousness =
  - Listening to and Believing the Voice the Leading of Spirit in our lives (Abraham believed God and it was reckoned to him as righteousness).
  - BEING in right relationship with our Source, in alignment with Spirit, Light, Love, Truth, our spiritual information and our Path...

- and all the necessities of life come to us = we are fulfilled, our needs are met, we are free from striving and worry, to go love and to serve in the world!

This means:
- BEING who we Really Are = a child in the royal family, a spark of the Divine in this world.
- Aligning with Light Love Truth
- DOING what we are actually called to DO by the Living God, who did not get laryngitis 2,000 years ago!

This means:
- Going to your Source
- Finding out who you are
- Filling UP with Glory
- And the going out to DO what ONLY YOU CAN DO in the world.

This is success beyond imagining, it is wealth beyond the dreams of avarice.
And it is available to each and every one of us...
Let's GO!

Sure fine, But HOW?
Well, that is a matter of Soul Practice - be in touch for a workshop, class, or personal session.

Meanwhile, what Lies of Success do you want to release?
What Truths do you choose to embrace, to allow Your Fulfilled Life?

I would love to hear!
- Wendy

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Choosing to Grow-Up... Spiritually

I am really jazzed about opening to our spiritual senses, and allowing God to give us the spiritual faith and power to follow where God leads us with these senses.

This makes a world of difference for us - we can actually walk with God experientially in this world.

And, when we can directly hear/see/know God's will,
and are free to act in the world as we are led,
it shifts the world in profound ways, we (God with us) make a world of difference for others.

As Angels are God's messengers, the spiritual hands and feet of God;
so we also can be, on the physical, in small (and increasing) measure, God's messengers, the spiritual hands and feet of God in this world.

We help realize - make real - God's will on earth, as it is in heaven (spiritually, in the reign/kingdom of God).

None of this is done through listening to church leaders, or to each other.
It is not done by reading the bible or devotionals.  
It is not done by singing songs or going to meetings.
It is certainly not done by being 'good'.

All of these things above are lovely, when God leads us in them,
but the best these things can do is lead us to God.

God heals us and fills us with glory.
God transforms us here on earth, even as we are seated in heavenly places, spiritually.
God walks with us and leads us.

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word which goes out through God's mouth

For the word of God [is] living and operative, and sharper than any two-edged sword, and penetrating to [the] division of soul and spirit, both of joints and marrow, and a discerner of the thoughts and intents of [the] heart.

Meanwhile, we are here to heal, change, grow, learn, transform, mature-into the full-grown daughters and sons of God, operating in this world as the divine heirs that we are. 
We are Not here to sit-around in kindergarten waiting for the heaven-train, as many Christians seem to be.

It is not just us, or even the body of Christ, that profits from us growing-up - but all of creation is waiting impatiently for us to come into our freedom and glory as children of the King, grown to full-stature.

It is our job to grow-up, to do this, we must:
  • choose to open to our spiritual senses;
  • choose to own our free-will back: from others, from our religious & social programming, from our own and others emotions, thoughts, habits, limits, lies... so we can be free to follow God;
  • choose to align with our Source: our God, our Light, our Way, our Truth, our Life.

I don't think we can do any of this on our own - we do it with God,
but we have to be willing - we have to choose.

Like the man who said to Jesus:
"I believe; help thou my unbelief"

May we say/be:
I am opening, help thou my opening!
I am owning, help thou my owning!
I am aligning, help thou my aligning!
I am growing up, help thou my growing-up!

If we are having trouble, are stuck, need help with any of this;
It is our job to Ask and we shall Receive; Seek, and we shall Find; Knock, and the door shall be Opened. 
It is our job to expectantly watch for the response spiritually and physically.
God sometimes acts directly spiritually, and/or sometimes God sends a canoe!

Then, we do not just sit, we act - we lead or follow (or get out of the way ; ) - as God leads us to do:
  • We read books and/or write books.
  • We heal from others ministrations and/or we act as healers.
  • We learn from mentoring/teaching and/or we mentor/teach.
  • We watch and learn new tricks spiritually by monkey-see-monkey-do, and/or we are watched others and make a huge difference for them just by who we BE in the world, and how we DO what we see God doing and are led to do.
Anything else is missing the mark, in our own unique journey in God.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

How did I come to know the Lord

I was raised Catholic. I had some mystical experiences, but when i was confirmed at ~13, it seemed all smoke and mirrors - there was no spiritual presence or power in the (vestigial) arm-waving of the Bishop. 
I loved science and became quite a rationalist - family, friends and priest didn't like it, but they said or did nothing that convinced me else-wise. I wasn't a jerk about it - I just believed and still do experience: it Really Matters if Spirit is real or not; and it is a sad thing to just go along with the pack, because spiritual-reality or the lack-thereof, changes everything!

So anyway, I spent the middle of my teens an agnostic - and actually I remain an intellectual agnostic, because I don't think there is any compelling rational reason to believe in God, or not to believe in God.  Fortunately I now understand that God is Spirit and must be met spiritually, not with physical body/mind. So, I am blessed to be a mystic agnostic : )

How did this happen?
When I was 17, I was fortunate to connect with a bunch of friends through Girl Scouting, who had a house church, they loved each other and they loved God.  God was real to them and they were each in their own unique relationship with God.  I saw and experienced the reality of spirit and love of God palpably, so I opened to my own direct relationship with God - and life has never been the same. 
It was then I was baptized in the Spirit, and the only way I saw to do this was to to give my rational brain to God.  We enjoyed a glorious honeymoon, but then after a year or two, God gave my brain back - and I went back to a more challenging reality: I had to learn to disambiguate as well as honor and integrate body/mind and spirit... and many other things ; )

That was over 30 years ago. God and I have been in many mountains and valleys, many iterations and understandings: Deepening, Healing, Transforming, Enlightening.  Much of this has been challenging - because I have a tendency to add a lot of unnecessary friction to the system ; )
- but the fruit is incomparable.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God.

‘Verily, verily, I say to thee, If any one may not be born from above, he is not able to see the reign of God;’ - John 3

One thing i like about these verses,
Jesus really disambiguates body/flesh/earth from spirit/above/heaven - which IMO is key to understanding most of the New Testament, and certainly Jesus' primary message.

It is spiritual reality: the reign/kingdom of God/heaven that matters to Jesus.
It is the gospel - good news - that expereince of God and spiritual reality is within us, amoung us, near us, received as a child, experienced by those in alignment with God, a treasure worth more than all the physical wealth of this world...

We can not see it or enter it by Any physical means - not by thinking or feeling, not by physical senses or action, not by following the law...

Rather we must see it and enter it spiritually - this makes no sense to the flesh, but is rather an experience one must be opened to, born to spiritually - and then one is God-consciousness - one can spiritually experience/see the reign of God/Heaven.

This must be experienced spiritually!  Words do the conversation about spirit no justice, this is why Jesus used metaphors and similes, there is no direct correlation.  Words are a finger pointing to the moon.


I AM - the way, and the truth, and the life

(this post below, is building on this past post)

Jesus fully lived the Way and Life - he was/is the Way and Life.
He fully embodied the Truth and Light - he was/is the Truth and Light.

I AM... 

when we grok Way, Truth, Life, Light, we experience I AM as our own reality.
And he showed us how to do/be the same (in our own unique way of being, and doing, of course ; )

I am tempted to repeat the 'chorus' above 3 times, since it is SO meaning-full and power-full.
I won't, but I ask you to read it at least one more time!

For me, this conversation brings more understanding to a verse that many folks I know trip over:
'I am the way, and the truth, and the life, no one doth come unto the Father, if not through me;

Remember:  never start reading or stop reading at just one verse.
this line above is not even the whole sentence!
here is the whole sentence:
Jesus saith to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life, no one doth come unto the Father, if not through me;
if ye had known me, my Father also ye would have known, and from this time ye have known Him, and have seen Him.’

He goes on to say:
Believest thou not that I [am] in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words which I speak to you I do not speak from myself; but the Father who abides in me, he does the works. Believe *me* that I [am] in the Father and the Father in me; but if not, believe me for the works' sake themselves. Verily, verily, I say to you, He that believes on me, the works which I do shall he do also, and he shall do greater than these, because I go to the Father.

For you convenience, here is the whole literal chapter
if you want, the chapter in more plain english ; )

Jesus was/is the Way, Truth, Life, Light
and his practice of I AM
showed us how to do/be the same.

His experiencing of spiritual reality, living in the Reign/Kingdom of God/Heaven, being in alignment with Source as he did and showed us to do
*IS* the only way to the Father/God.
REGARDLESS of what we think, feel, do, believe or don't believe!

It doesn't matter if we profess Jesus as Lord or not.
What matters is that we are in alignment with our Source - our God, our Light, our Life, our Truth, our Way.
This sounds crazy in modern Christianity - but this is what Jesus said, not me:
By their fruits then surely ye shall know them.
Not every one who says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of the heavens,
but he that does the will of my Father who is in the heavens.

Jesus fully lived the Way and Life - he was/is the Way and Life.
He fully embodied the Truth and Light - he was/is the Truth and Light.

I AM... 

when we spiritually grok Way, Truth, Life, Light, we experience I AM as our own reality.
And he showed us how to do/be the same (in our own unique way of being, and doing, of course ; )

I am saying the same thing over and over, in the hopes that we can all start to hear and live Jesus core message:
The centrality and focus on the Reign/Kingdom of God/Heaven...
the spiritual reality which is within us, amoung us, near us, not physical, received as a child, experienced by those in alignment with God, a treasure worth more than all the physical wealth of this world...
Spiritual alignment with the LIGHT.
Being, filled, healed and transformed by our Source - our God, our Life, our Truth, our Way, our Light.

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