Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Word of God: from Glory to Glory!

From my perspective,
the bible is not many things we have been led to believe:
  • The bible is not God. 
  • Reading the bible is not a substitute for Adventuring with the living God.
  • The bible is not the point... it is a tool.
The bible is this and so much more:
  • The bible is a message of Hope and Glory, spiritually, and in this world.
  • Reading the bible is an encouragement for us, seeing so many before us falling down and getting up.
  • The bible a signpost to Choose Life... Abundantly!
I believe that the main point of the bible
is to point us to a real, intimate, 2-way relationship with the Living God,
and from there with each other, and our world.

I believe we are generally confused in modern chrsitian culture about the WORD of God:
  • The 'Word of God' is not the bible.
  • When the bible speaks of the 'Word of God' it means the actual present-time Expression (and therefore Presence and Blessing) of the Living God (which Jesus IS one expression of)
  • The 'Word of God' is Not some vestigial words in a book...
If interested: Please check out this Bible search of 'Word of God' here

God did not get laryngitis 2,ooo years ago!
God did not then send a book to replace our personal and unique communication and adventure with the Living God!

The point of the bible is NOT reading about someone else, a long time ago, doing the spiritual equivalent of...
  • having the best relationship of their lives, 
  • the best dinner of their lives, 
  • the best sex of their lives, 
  • the best dance of their lives,  
  • the most intimate conversation of their lives, 
  • the most sublime and Real expereince of their lives...
The bible inspires US to DO IT!!!!
The bible points to our Real and Present Relationship with God, inspires us:

To spiritually:
  • allow God to explode/implode within and around us.
  • allow God to open the eyes and ears of our Soul to spiritual reality / Christ Consciousness /  the Kingdom (Reign) of God/Heaven...
  • allow God to lead us personally, and to fill us uniquely in our own Soul's Light, Love, Truth, Life, Way...
To spiritually:
  • step into the direct experience of God ourselves
  • Live that Adventure,
  • Die and resurrect spiritually (again and again) along the unique road that we are led....
as So many before us have, from Glory to Glory!

The bible inspires US to DO IT!!!!

God's Word creates the world, creates us, creates all possibility.

Living with, in and through the Word of the Living God:
God's Being, God's Doing, God's Presence, God's Gifts
feed us, clothe us and set us free.

If we are not getting IN this Blessing;
If we are not BEing and DOing in Alignment with God;
by being with, in and though the Word of the Living God in each step of our lives...

If we are not getting IN this Blessing;
We are squandering our life - and it isn't the fun kind of squandering!

If INSIDE OURSELVES, spiritually:
  • we are less-than Enthusiastic, less than Hope-Full, less than Free...
  • we are not living in Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Humility, Kindness, Self-Mastery, Faith...
There is a Reason for This!
This is a sign that we are are not in alignment with God, we are missing the mark, missing the boat, missing the Blessing of what Life Can Be.

When we are in alignment with God, spiritually:
  • The Fruit of the Spirit is the fruition, the blossoming, the mature expression of the Life of God with, in and through us!
  • We walk and talk and are filled-with the expereince of the Living God: we Live Life Abundantly! 
When we choose not to do this:
  • Our life can feel like trying to drive with an empty gas-tank, without a map or cell phone or money, in a scary part of town at night... 
  • It is no surprise that our expereince of life can become merely "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short."

Therefore, I exhort us all to : Choose Life, Real Life, the Life we are made-for, the Life that is waiting for us:
Living spiritually with, in and through the present-time, personal Word of the Living God,
a juicy Relationship with God, from Glory to Glory!

thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it.