Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hate replaced by love - in reality

From a spiritual board, someone asked:

I really would not know how to cease hatred by love.
Sounds good in theory, but how does one actually do it?

I replied:

Yes, I actually do experience ceasing hatred through 'love'. The results are palpable to me, my friends and my family. I am blessed to watch many other folks change their lives, and then the world around them changes as well. This is not an intellectual or emotional exercise, it is part of our spiritual work: opening to the energy (the blessing, the fruit) of love, choosing to let go of the energy of hate.

I practice meditation techniques which consciously ask God to assist me to bless me and assist me to release energy that doesn't serve (such as hate or fear or invalidation...) and also consciously allow me to receive from God energy that does serve (of things like affinity or validation or faith...)

The journey can go through many layers and may take time, attention, intention... It is sometimes joyful and sometimes ridiculously challenging - but Always Exciting - I strongly believe it is worth it!

Although I believe the meditation techniques I use are very powerful and helpful, they are not Necessary. We can just spiritually ask and receive from God, for the spiritual fruit we desire, as well as the ability to will and to do God's good pleasure!

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