Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Bible: an out-dated pile of contradictions?

Some say the bible is just an out-dated pile of contradictions,
from which people pick and choose their beliefs.
I think they are right
... but this is not the Whole story.

From my perspective:
The bible is not the Way.
Knowing Jesus is the Way.
Listening to the Holy Spirit is the Way.
Following our Unique Soul Path in God is the Way.

I believe the whole bible points to doing this:
having our own, real, present-time relationship with the Living God.

I believe Jesus in the bible points to doing this as central to our lives, as his followers:
living in the Kingdom of God (in the Reign of God).

From my expereince:
When we are operating spiritually, in the Reign of God,
the bible makes incredible sense, and
the paradoxes are tripping points, signposts to Truth: don't miss this!

When we are IN Christ,
the bible is beautiful encouragement to be who we are in Christ, to listen to him, to know him, to follow him, to do what he did in the world;
in our own unique way, in present time, spiritually.

From my expereince:
When we are focused and operating physically (in the flesh) -
the bible is a pile of contradictions.

How do we decide
which way to go?
which directive to follow?
what to believe?

When operating IN and through the flesh,
we are experiencing the bible through emotions, intellect, ego, habits, reactions, programming, tradition, borrowed truth, dogma...
our perception of God's Way, Truth, Life and Word for us
is colored by 'the world, the flesh, and the devil' (as they used to say more conservative circles : )
and we pick and choose what we like, from there, from our physical perspective.

Many utilize the bible as a tool for self-justification of already present perspectives, beliefs, alliances.
And, really, what else can we possibly do if we only have physical perspective?!

From my perspective:
Those who see the bible as contradictory and way out of present-time experiences from the Past
... are absolutely right... from a physical perspective.

And those who see the bible as an
Invitation to Life Abundantly in Delicious Relationship with God,
Support for the Way of following Christ, and
Validation of the fruit of this unparalleled sacred expereince
... are absolutely right... from a spiritual perspective.

Thanks for reading my perspective.
May we all live in Peace,

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