Sunday, April 26, 2015

Let's stop worshiping the Bible, and instead worship God!

The bible is not meant to be the Final Word.
The bible is not the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Light, the Love of God.

The bible shows us, over and over, folks who walked with God, who heard from God, who followed God.  And calls us to do the same!
The bible encourages the people of God to have a real-time relationship, with the Living God!
The bible is a finger pointing at the moon - it isn't About the Finger, it is ALL about the Moon!

God did not get laryngitis 2,000 years ago.
IMO, if we want answers, fellowship, healing, filling, leading - we Must go to our SOURCE.

I agree with Marcus Borg (whom I greatly respect, but who sadly misses the whole picture, now and then, IMO)
when he says "When there is a conflict between Jesus and the Bible, Jesus trumps the Bible."

But this is what I mean by that: GO TO JESUS - right here, right now. NOT the bible, Jesus.

Jesus will show us the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Light, the Love of God - as he has done for those who open to him, for over 2,000 years.

Christianity has fallen down horribly and constantly, by focusing on intellectualizing about the bible. By focusing on doctrine and thought-beliefs - as if that were some kind of spiritual practice.
As if the bible could give us answers, fellowship, healing, filling, leading...

The Bible Can Not Do This...
only God can do this!

I pray, that instead of worshiping the bible, fighting about the bible, wasting time and energy focusing on the bible...
Instead that Christians will begin to do for ourselves (and for All) what is most important:

To Actually Open to Communication and Blessings, to the ONEness-with and Leading-of the Living God, with Jesus, with Spirit.
This is what set the world on fire in biblical times, and that is what does it every time!

WE want GOD!
People want GOD!

Let's set the table and enjoy the presence of God, on our own, and with All!
Let's be disciples of Jesus, not disciples of the bible. Let's follow Jesus, right HERE, right NOW, WHEREVER we are explicitly led - this is World Changing!
Let's enjoy the fruit of the Spirit, the Gifts of the Spirit, the Comforting of the Spirit - in All ways, alone and with All people!

If you don't know how, then find out.
If you do know how, then let's DO IT!

From my perspective, this is what the bible tells us to do.
So let's just do it: focus on the Moon, not the finger pointing.

Let's stop worshiping the Bible, and instead worship God!

in life, w

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