Saturday, September 5, 2009

Changed into His Likeness

I can't get enough of Watchman Nee's book: Changed into His Likeness.
(here is info about the book, here is the book online)

I first read it over 25 yrs ago, when first consciously and committed-ly walking with the Lord. I liked it, of course I was like a sponge and had few distinctions... And then again about 10 years ago I read it, and got different things from it. Then about 3 years ago I read it and it was like GOLD to me - I've read it and read it over and over many times since - just the highly highlighted and underlined parts, at this point...

Although I don't agree with him in every jot and tittle (not nearly), I am so inspired and encouraged by his faith. Seems he has been gifted with a triple helping of faith, and to 'fellowship' with him, helps me to allow God to increase my faith.

Tangentially, thinking about Nee helps me to remember God's perspective. Nee, after a rich 30 year ministry, traveling throughout China planting churches among the rural communities and holding Christian conferences and trainings in Shanghai; God seems to have conspired with Nee to have him spend the last 20 years of his life in a Chinese prison; where he died persecuted by the Communists. I am sure Nee was in the best place for him and for God to do the work God had Nee to do - of course we don't know what that is! I expect it was pretty important, since Nee sacrificed a large portion of his life to it...

It ain't the flash, it ain't the numbers.
God's ways are not our ways - period.
I believe, help Thou my unbelief…

I have one of my favorite Nee quotes in the next post.

You can learn more about the Life & Ministry of Nee here.


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