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"Service" II: Fruit

Is 'service' spirituality? conversation continued.
See here for the beginning of the conversation.

(Blue is a question, black is my answer)

Now whether you agree/disagree with what my premise is (service to others is true love manifestation) ... that's an entirely different conversation and one that I would like to have.

Generally, and on an everyday level, I agree that there is a high correlation between what looks like ‘service’ and ‘true love manifestation’. But I believe sometimes ‘true love manifestation’ may sometimes not look like ‘service’ to some, maybe many.

Jesus cleared the temple, he verbally chewed up Pharisees and spit them out (and that is putting it very kindly), I believe it was ‘true love manifestation’ – does it look like service to you? Did it look like service to them?

Many times ‘true love manifestation’ looks to me like leaving someone alone. Not helping. This is a very hard thing to do. Does that look like service to you? Does it feel like service to them?

IMO, it is best, on a spiritual level to un-collapse these two ideas, so I can be free of my concepts (baggage) about what love is, and what service looks like. And therefore act in (what according to what God is saying to me right now) seems to be a beneficial way.

You are not in agreement that service/giving are priorities in a spiritual life. Do you mean that they are not "the" priority? Or do you mean that they aren't any priority whether it be a small or big one?

Thanks allowing me to clarify, from my perspective:

Service is the fruit, not the sunshine, water, dirt.

Service comes out of our spiritual life – it is the cart not the horse, IMO.

AND, service may not look like service to most folks, although often it will...

I understand that we each go thru personal spiritual development and whats true for me is not true for you (i.e. we are each on our own path).


Some are messengers, some are teachers, some are masters, some are students ... and all of these individuals have great purpose.


But if we're talking about truly living in spirit ... being one with light ... having Christ consciousness ... reaching love manifestation ... what do you think the characteristics of such individuals are/have been?

I believe we all have a unique path and a unique contribution.
Each spiritually advanced soul has a very unique manifestation, focus and energies – as we each do.
And of course they share things in common.

What are their priorities?

Oh, that is like a whole book if I try to think about it…

I ask God and I see a picture that looks like: being one with God – aligned with their Source, as well as grounded in the physical world.
From my perspective, How that manifests on the physical, again, is completely unique, to each of them, and for each of us…

On a spiritual level, I see how it manifests, it looks like clouds, or waves, billowing out from the spiritually mature, in all directions. From my perspective, it is the energy billowing out that matters most, Not any particular way it looks on the physical…
On the physical - Peach trees make peaches, plum tress make plums. They just do it, no effort, no should, no agenda, no try. It is like falling off a log – and there is the fruit ; )

Christ taught, he spoke, he did miracles. In teaching he filled the hearts of many. In speaking he brought hope to many. In performing miracles he was an example of breaking the shackles of this world to many. But it was in his actions with the the poor, the sick, the helpless and the discarded ... did he show the many.

Jesus, from my perspective, did a whole lot of NONE of that for ~ 30 years.
Three decades is a Very Long Time.
He was Jesus the Christ and he did relatively nothing of note for ~10/11ths of his whole entire human life!

I believe out of (from, because of) his quiet, non-obviously miraculous / healing / serving / inspirational / freedom-producing / demon-casting / etc 30 years, the stage was set for his public ministry.
Before that, not-so-much…

He did his work (he learned obedience by the things that he suffered, and being made mature); He deepened in himself and in the Father, increased in Knowledge and Power, etc.
He was centered in who he was and what God had him to do.
Then and only then did he go out to serve… and serve he did!

Even then, in the last ~ 3 years of his life, he was constantly moving away from the crowds. He consistently sought out the quiet, if he had to at night, to be with God, to do stay on track spiritually – or else he couldn’t have done what he did.

Great fruit. Amazing fruit. Fruit comes in its season, not before.

That’s my opinion – thanks for asking!

see here for the rest of the conversation.


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