Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Web/e-mail recommendation AND Mission is...

I receive daily e-mails from The Church of the Saviour
These folks often send useful quotes, and sometimes thoughtful blog posts.

this is what they say about their offerings:
words of encouragement and challenge from a broad assortment of authors. It’s a collection of thoughts that speak of living a more authentic and joyfully integrated life rooted in the rhythms of the inward/outward journey.

If interested, the blog containing all recent e-mail is here.

Here is an example to whet the appetite:

By Jean Vanier

Mission is revealing to others their fundamental beauty, value and importance in the universe, their capacity to love, to grow and to do beautiful things and to meet God. Mission is transmitting to people a new inner freedom and hope; it is unlocking the doors of their being so that new energies can flow; it is taking away from their shoulders the terrible yoke of fear and guilt. To give life to people is to reveal to them that they are loved just as they are by God, with the mixture of good and evil, light and darkness that is in them: that the stone in front of their tomb in which all the dirt of their lives has been hidden, can be rolled away. They are forgiven; they can live in freedom.

Source: Community and Growth


  1. the Church of the Saviour Website and e-mail service was attacked and has been down. Hopefully it will return soon, stronger than ever...

  2. Ok, their services are available again.