Friday, January 22, 2010

Energy/Money Exchange

Today I participated in a FB conversation which started with the question "Why don't we, all of us, decide who gets paid what according to how much one contributes to the whole of humanity, rather than the other way around?" This is what is on my mind regarding that today:

Until recently, I have worked under a 'suggested donation' model in my ministry. I have noticed in the last few years, even though I encourage folks how important it is to 'ask' so we can receive, and overcome limits, and consciously co-create for themselves, etc - and I actively lead with 'I never let money stand in the way' of my students. I am forthright about things I need besides money: to utilize barter, referrals, etc to balance energy exchange. Still, often folks don't talk to me about compensation, and don't participate in classes and personal sessions, allegedly because of money concerns.

I have learned from this in my own life, to talk to people about how much to pay them. For example I made a deal with my body worker which feels very good to both of us. Sometimes I end up paying him a little less than he would get from a usual client, sometimes I end up paying him more than he would ask for a particular treatment. We both feel very good about our work together, we are inspired to be generous with each other, and both feel we are getting well compensated for what we are each investing. This has shown my how well this kind of open-hearted communication / compensation works.

I recently started operating according to 'gift economy' in my ministry. (I ask folks to gift "me an amount that feels good and right and fair to them, that they can afford, and that they can give joyfully") I was inspired to this by my friend Tree who has been operating like this for a long time - she has a nice overview here.

I have been amazed how much I am enjoying this change, and the energy has definitely shifted my ministry, very positively.

My point, relative to your question is: we Can each decide in our every-day life (on the micro-level, which affects the macro-level) who gets paid what, for what. I plan to incorporate this more and more in my life. It is a very empowering, conscious way to live. And I believe it Will change how our bigger social systems work, as more of us change the way we individually relate to money, compensation, balancing energy-exchange between us...

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