Sunday, January 3, 2010

He kept on learning and growing and working

I learned yesterday that Vincent van Gogh created the 4th highest priced painting ever - 1990 for $134.6 million (adjusted for comparison to 2009 dollars). 6 of his paintings are in the top 30 highest paid ever.

BUT, while he lived, he sold one painting in his whole life - ONE, for not a lot...

He was very poor, supported by his dear brother - the only solid relationship in his life, it seems.

He was a master, standing in the light - which was just too much for him to take! With (almost) no love for himself as a person and (almost) no outside validation of his work. And he kept on learning and growing and working, until he couldn't do it no more.

God bless him, IDK how he got so far; so very far with so very little from the outside...

I come away from this encounter very grateful for the much (which sometimes seems like Not Enough!! : ) outside love and validation I receive.

Wow I am encouraged to keep going! I hope you are too!

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