Sunday, September 1, 2013

Supporting Your Unique Spiritual Path

My ministry boils down to 2 things:
Inner Tools and Spiritual Companionship.

Inner Tools

I struggled for decades in my life, in my walk with God.
I savored spiritual expereince, feeling, guidance within... Sometimes.
Other-times, I felt spiritually obdurate, closed, un-moored, cast-out, in Darkness and pain.

I tried many different churches, fellowships, worship experiences, and meditation techniques -
nothing was right for me, nothing Worked consistently.
Where was the Rock on which to build my life, in practice not in theory?

I FINALLY allowed God to lead me to learn and practice Inner Tools
that have put my relationship with God on a strong, reliable foundation.

The promises of the bible, of Christianity, became real for me.
I wrote a blog explicating this experience a few years ago, called I have found what I'm looking for

I became so excited about the tools, my spiritual expereince and fruit, spiritual deepening and healing...
I learned, healed and developed spiritually, so I can empower groups and individuals intheir connection with God.
This was a very challenging process - and completely worth the journey!

Spiritual Companionship

When life gets intense for me, problems/challenges loom: it helps me to ask a buddy to meditate with me.
I know you can totally do it yourself, as I can - but it is harder
If you want to go before the Lord together;
allowing healing, blessing, filling, letting-go... while focused on Jesus; to help get out of a 'rut', ping me.

Blessings on your Unique Path!


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