Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gendering God?

From my perspective:
God is Spirit, we can only know God as spirit, through our spiritual senses.
God, and the Reign (Kingdom) of God (Heaven) that Jesus incessantly spoke-of is all *spiritual* reality.

God - and all spiritual realty - is One.
All is One, containing all things created and not-created. 
All is Love, All is Joy, All is Peace - etc, all the fruit of the spirit, and Way more.

God is whole & complete and we as spirit live in this reality with God.
We spiritually live now and through all eternity in heavenly places, time & space are creations of this reality.

Meanwhile, we have the blessing as humans to play in bodies on this earth, our consciously shared reality. And we play the earth game, the game of opposites - primarily spirit & flesh;  from there comes black & while, good & bad, rich & poor... the 10,000 dichotomies, including the exciting game: male & female.
In this physical reality, from our flesh-perspective, ALL is not ONE, but 2 or many.

In bodies, we dance in and out of our spiritual consciousness of God, the Reign/Kingdom of God, and alignment with God and our Way in God - in and out.
We remember and forget who we are, children of Light, flesh containing the breath of God.
We open and do not open to our spiritual senses, where we communicate with God, and God communicates with us.
Many of us have almost pure physical perspective, shutting down or drowning out much of our soul experience.

SO, I don't believe God IS gendered.
God IS Spirit.
Gender, and all dichotomies in this earth game, our in-fleshed expereince are of the body.

God as spirit comes to live IN flesh, dwells among us, but God is not gendered.

We are living in a world of opposites and ensconced in gendered thought and experience.
We call God by both genders, and without gender in our language, as well as our metaphors/parables, to help make sense to our flesh/brains our spiritual expereince.

But metaphors are fingers pointing to the moon, they are not the moon.
Gendering God literally, makes no sense in the spiritual reality in which God IS.

to Life!

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