Thursday, May 21, 2015

From the silly human rules to the Wild Freedom of God

And of course, the POINT
is not to Resist the Resisters (bless their hearts)
It is to


IMO, the point is to do what Paul encouraged:
(this is perhaps my favorite bible verse since my teens)
It was for freedom that Christ set us free;
therefore keep standing firm and
do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery (bondage, servitude)

Christian Culture has gotten so far off the track on this!
(yup, there I said it ; )

From my perspective, most of us have been infected...
we are so infected by the law, the legalists, the religious bullys. 
  • some of us in compliance, dominated
  • some of us in resistance, fighting
  • many of us waffling back and forth, not Really Clear about who we really Are...
But, we are really are

So, let's BE that!

If this resonates for you at all,
and you want to help clear your body, mind, heart, soul of all the religious rules and regs...
You may want to go see and meditate through these many different translations of this one verse
- I get encouraged by just looking through this: Galatians 5:1

Most importantly, I ask you to ask Jesus to help you
  • to heal,
  • to let-in a waterfall of the blessings of God, asking for the vibration of Freedom, that will fill you up with the fruit of Liberty - in your body, in your life, in your world.

When we allow the spiritual freedom that is already ours:
  • then we can BE the us - that only we can be.
  • then we can DO what we are called to do - that only we can do!

Until we are free, we are only RE-acting.
Until we are free, we are only following and/or resisting some one else's agenda. 
Until we get our free-will back, we CAN NOT FOLLOW GOD. (for more on this, see next post)
Of course this is a life-time process, deepening in God, maturing spiritually.
So let us choose each day to Let-go of what holds us hostage, 
and to LET IN these blessings from God.

We can choose each day to
ask Jesus to help us to heal and grow into who we really are,

  • from law to Grace, 
  • from bondage to Liberty, 
  • from the silly human rules to the Wild Freedom of God.

Blessings on your Unique Journey in God,

If you have not seen it, here is a similar theme written half a year later:

Willpower (flesh) OR Free Will & True Power (spirit) - choose

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