Thursday, May 21, 2015

Until we get our free-will back, we CAN NOT FOLLOW GOD.

When we get our free-will back... Everything is Possible!
But, until then, we are in bondage.

Our free-will is our birthright,
our Authority to choose in our own space,
and to act - within (inside our skin) and in our world.

Our free-will is, was, and always will be ours -
but most of us don't own and utilize our most precious gift.

We are all given free-will,
we are all given dominion in our space and in our world...

  • we lost it,
  • we squandered it,
  • we traded it for something else,
  • we forgot about it,
  • we didn't value it,
  • it was ripped from us...

We can all get our volition back!
I encourage you to do whatever it takes (spiritually), to get your free-will back;
back from our own and others:
  • religion, understanding of the bible, religious defaults, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, doubt...
  • body impulses, survival instincts, control pictures, habits, patterns of thought, feelings, fear, pain...
  • expectations, limits, lies, programming, invalidation, control, competition, judgment...
A different way to say it, in old-time religious terminology, is this:
Spiritually, we must take our free-will back from the world, the flesh, and the devil.

And when we get our free-will back, as spirit;
Then, and only then can we Begin to Choose to:
  • align with our Source - our Light, our Life, our Truth, our Way in God.
  • behold and reflect, as in a mirror, the glory of God
  • pay attention to - utilize - our soul senses... so we can see, hear, know God - and the leading of God, for us, today.
  • actually follow, when we hear a word behind us, saying, 'This is the way, go ye in it'
Until we get our free-will back, we CAN NOT FOLLOW GOD.

May God lead you to the freedom that is yours!

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