Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Permission to Co-create: Being Pregnant with the Seed of God

Watchman Nee was an amazing Chinese Evangelist.

According to my favorite Christian teacher, Dr Bruce Morgan:
Nee spoke of being pregnant with the vision - with what he co-created with God.

Nee was in rural China, early-middle of last century - it was a big deal:
he wanted a bicycle, it would help him a lot in ministry.

He told the local boys: I am pregnant with a bicycle.
Of course they laughed and joked - the pastor is pregnant!
And of course the bicycle came ; )

I like this picture of co-creation: 

We are pregnant 
with the possibilities 
that God seeds within us...
When we allow ourselves, to open to Life, to open to God's invitation/allowance: 

we HAVE Permission!
We can now say YES to Life, to God, and to our Dreams!

We can now, boldy and powerfully:
- ask and so we receive

- seek and so we find
- knock and so the door is opened to us.

Together with God, we can bring these seeds of possibility into the world, we:
- carry them to term 

- birth them into the world, 
- support them and watch them grow!

FYI - I am a big fan of Nee, the way he followed God directly, his elephant-sized faith... even though I don't agree with him about many thought-beliefs ; )


About Watchman Nee:

From a ministry that shares his work: Nee's Life and Ministry

A short thing I wrote about Nee and one of his books (from years ago ; )


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