Monday, October 7, 2013

Is Jesus the Only Way?

Is Jesus the Only Way?
Yes and No.

I believe:
the WAY Jesus walked,
the WAY he was / IS / embodied God,
the WAY he showed us to spiritually live in a body in this world...

IS the WAY:
to expereince Christ-Consciousness,
to experience Living in the Kingdom (Reign of Heaven),
to expereince the Way of Light, in action in this world...
to BE Light / Truth / Love / Life in this world.

I am not talking about what he did on the physical.
I am talking about who he was being in the Light,
while he was walking around.

This inner alignment with Source,
this living IN the Kingdom (Reign) of Heaven (spiritual reality),
While here on earth (physical reality),
IS the WAY.

He showed us how to BE it.
Meanwhile, Others walk / shine / BE that way in the world, as well.
Everyone who shines the Light, they ALL help all of us
to BE in the Light, to Be Light, as well.

(This is regardless of our intellectual beliefs, our religious programming.
Intellectualizing and intellectual beliefs about God and the Way
are mostly a distraction from
Light / Truth / Love / Life / Experience of the Divine / Walking our Unique Path in God!)

So, I would say:
  • Spiritually, Yes!  Jesus IS (His Being-ness shows us, he embodied) the Only way that any of us can consciously enjoy the Abba experience of God, in this world.  And others show us this same Christ-Consciousness, Living in the Kingdom (Reign of Heaven), the Way of Light, in action in this world, as well.
  • Physically, No!  There are many who can help us on our unique path / way. There are as many useful ways up the mountain, as one can count (some more popular, easier, or more straightforward, than others ;)
I hope you are enjoying your unique path!

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