Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why isn't everyone a Mystic?

So-called mystical experiences happen to all of us,
all the time;
regardless of our intellectual belief structures.

Some of us have ears to hear, and eyes to see...
we are open to feeling and knowing our direct spiritual experience.
Others of us have unknowingly closed the doors to our mystical senses. 
These doors can be re-opened, if we choose.

There are lots of reasons that we are blocked:
intellectual reasons, emotional reasons;
these can't get us to our spiritual expereince, but, they can block us!

There are lots of reasons we get and stay blocked:
choice because of trauma, invalidation, pain, fear...

The picture I like for this:
the sun is always shining;
sometimes it is night (our back is turned);
sometimes the clouds block the sun (our expereince of the Light is muffled, distorted, unclear). 
None of this is God's doing (none of this is the sun's fault).

I know this sounds like blaming those who don't have these experiences,
but this is just how it is, IMO.

There are pretty direct ways to spiritually say yes to God,
and when we say yes and stay with yes,
our direct spiritual expereince of the Living God changes. 

I have trained mystics for the last 8 years,
working with hundreds of folks,
and I see it happen over and over.

Most of us just don't spiritually practice being still,
and knowing the subtle whisper presence of God.

For most of us it takes courage, it takes willingness, and it takes tenacity...
And, It helps most people, especially at first, to be with a group, intentionally focused and open.

Basically, Everyone who can walk, can dance - to varying degrees.
Basically, Everyone who can talk, can sing - to varying degrees.
Basically, Everyone is spirit, a part of God, and it is our birthright to enjoy our unique mystical experience, our spiritual senses - to varying degrees.

Blessings on your unique path Home,

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