Saturday, October 5, 2013

Too Much Spirituality?

In response to the question:

Spirituality is a word so broad, that it seems to have no meaning; unless it is the being and practice of consciously connecting with and manifesting spirit.
"beholding and reflecting, as in a mirror, the glory of the Lord"
We already ARE spirit, we are already seated in Heavenly places with Christ -  there is no where to strive to or from. 
Our practice is only to encourage us, invite us, to allow this reality into our conscious expereince within and around us: to uncover Light/Love/Truth/Way/God in ourselves and in our world... to see and to be Light - to be filled with God within as well as invite God to Shine in our world.

We do this by focusing spiritually, not physically - and there cannot be too much spiritual focus:
Being spirit in my body and acting powerfully from that place is the practice and the Being.

Meanwhile, much of what people consider spirituality, is actually the body trying to understand, making efforts to shift and change to obtain some physical or allegedly spiritual result.

There is no end to our desire, physically; including the desire for 'spiritual' wisdom, power, results. 
THIS is where we are tempted to imbalance - with physical desire, even too much is never enough! 

Therefore, when my body is in charge of my spiritual expereince, practice and goals - I am 'tryin to get to heaven on the end of a kite'.

Most of us start in this physically-focused place in our spiritual walk. 
But, if we allow it, God moves us to a move spiritually-focused place, in which we live in more balance, freedom and love;  while we learn our lessons, create/heal, serve and enjoy our unique journey here on earth.

Blessings, Wendy

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